Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What a sunny but cold day it is! The wind was sure something else last night. At one point I told Jeff to go see if the garage was still attached because it sounded like the wind might have ripped it from the rest of the house. After seeing the damage on the news to other houses, that probably wasn't too much of a exaggeration. Some houses lost roofs and siding and were split almost in half in counties north of us. South of us a car was tossed off the road and a mobile home was turned over.

Sean had a good night but a really rough morning. We went to see the doctor after he lost his breakfast a few times from coughing so hard. The doctor wanted us to put him on cough medicine. They usually don't want that but she said they don't want him coughing that hard either.

He made it to Circus Day for a while but was ready to leave by the time they were done.

I couldn't find our dog Sam this morning. I expected to find her huddled in her doghouse which is up next to the house. Instead, when I opened the door, I heard a rustling noise from the deck. Out she popped.

And here's a picture from a few days ago when Sean still had fever. The black fur ball on my stomach is Shadow.

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