Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun time at a wedding

The kids got to go to the first real wedding that they can remember.  I think Sean was about 1 or  1 1/2 when he went to a wedding. 

This one will be one they will not forget.  Well, at least the reception will be remembered. 




032046Sierra loved the bride, our new niece.

Callie enjoyed being all fancy. 

008071Dancing the night away. 

Last time we got dressed up together was Jeff’s sister’s funeral.

Lovely wedding at a beautiful church.  The reception was a very nice time.  The kids enjoyed it and we had to drag them away from dancing when it was way past our bedtime. Sean was really sore from doing so many handstands and all kinds of dance moves. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

“Senior pictures” of Cal-Rae

Since she is done with school, but was never technically a senior, we are improvising for her senior pictures.  She would be a senior this school year if she had not finished early.  I hope to take some more pictures but it is not likely I will have her cooperation. 

These turned out really well.  I took well over a hundred shots to get these.  It is very hard to get the girl to relax so I set the camera for whatever it’s called for multiple shots and just held down the button and hoped for the best.  These were taken in our back yard.  After these turned out so well, I decided to order an older version of a photo editing software which was still much nicer than the free one that I had been using.  I think it was worth the $15.





Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Deep bone bruise




She slipped and fell on the stairs and landed on her elbow a couple weeks ago.  We did not go to the doctor until this week just to make sure she did not have a fracture.  It is still very tender to the touch but the discoloring is gone.  She has always had full motion so we didn’t think it was fractured but thought it wouldn’t still be so sore.  He said it is a deep bone bruise and said something about sprain strain tricep.    He suggested therapy because she is afraid of it.  He also prescribed an anti-inflammatory.  We are holding off on both due to her not wanting to do therapy which means she will not do the exercises.  They are not necessary for recovery.. more for psychological reasons.. so I am not going to insist.  After reading all the side effects and “tell your doctor immediately if this happens” we are also holding off on the anti-inflammatory medicine.  She’s extremely sensitive to prescriptions anyway so best to see if we can do without. 

From Tiger to Wolf to Bear to Webelo

2009 11062010 Summer 2 019b00520120822_4


Same shirt.  In Webelos, it is optional to wear the blue shirt or to get the tan Boys Scout shirt.  

He will move from Webelos to Boy Scouts in February 2014.  Webelos is more aggressive than the other levels and seems to be structured to get them used to Boys Scouts.  It expects more responsibility.  What is fun is that some of the activities fit perfectly with school subjects so we will be incorporating them in our schooling. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

State Fair–Part 2

Our next stop was the DNR building.  Sean and Callie shot archery but I did not get pictures because Sierra and I were in line to get registered for the Fishing Pond Youth Catch and Release.  We were going to a presentation and needed to be in the first round.  We happened to be the last three signing up for the first spot so that was a close one.  This was Callie’s last year.  It is for kids 5-17 and next year she will be over the cutoff. 

They give the kids a talk for about ten minutes and then they get to fish for 15 minutes or until they catch three fish.  They had no problem getting their 3 fish. 







Then we rushed over to the DNR Amphitheater for an evening with an eagle.   Her name is Belle. She is an immature bald eagle.  She will remain in captivity because she is blind in one eye.  She was originally put into rehab because she was found shot and with a broken wing.    I thought she was beautiful and as expected, she was the highlight of my photo taking of the day.





She is not sticking her tongue out on purpose.  It was hot and she started panting after a while.  He let her cool off and calm down before giving us the chance to photograph her on the perch. 





Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Indiana State Fair Fun – Part 1

The first event we attended was a free show by African acrobats.   They were very strong and flexible.








After the acrobats, we went through some exhibits in the 4-H buildings and found Sean’s and some other friends’ projects. 

Sean got a blue ribbon.  He was pleased. 

After the 4-H building, we went to a Superdogs show where we saw some very talented canines.  They were fun to watch but it was even more fun to watch the kids watch the dogs.  In one part, they had a race between two teams of dogs.  In the first video, you can see Sean at the bottom left side cheering on the last dog in the relay.  The dogs were very fast.   In the second video, you can see how serious Callie was taking in the whole thing.  You’d have thought she was watching an Olympic event.  Watching her was more fun than watching the dogs. 


Race to the finish–Superdog show at Indiana State Fair.
Callie cheering at the Superdog show.


There was no temporary stage at the grandstand this year, due to last year’s tragic stage collapse (from high winds) before the Sugarland concert that killed seven people and left several with very serious injuries. Concerts were held at a different location this year.

Below is a picture I took last year as we were in the infield at our van ready to leave.  The end of the rainbow appears to end above the stage which has the blue top.  This was taken 4 days before the accident. 

State Fair 2011 027


And because our school and extracurricular activities are starting to mount, I will have to post more pictures later.  It is time to get ready for Sean’s first soccer practice.