Monday, December 10, 2012

Car Market–What a Ride

In spite of all the bad press about Craigslist recently, we have had another good experience.  Our other good experience was when we found this computer armoire earlier this year.  I think I would continue to be very selective about what I would try to purchase though.  Used iPhones is not one of them.  I heard on the news recently that someone was robbed when they went to a really bad neighborhood to purchase used iPhones from someone.  Clue #1 that this was a bad idea:   used iPhoneS – as in plural.  Bells should have been going off.  

Anyway, I have been searching Craigslist, classifieds and dealer inventory for a suitable vehicle to replace our wrecked car regularly since the wreck three months ago but more seriously since Thanksgiving.  We made a trip out of state this weekend to look at and then purchase our find.  We opted for small and great gas mileage.  31 city/38 highway.  I’m anxious to see what we get. 



Time4Learning Review

We tried out Time4Learning for about a month.   I wish we’d had more time to test it out but for the times my kids did use it, they did like the easy to learn lessons.  The playground has fun games. 

As a mom/teacher, I liked being able to sign in and see what each of my kids have been working on and what they had completed.  The feedback was helpful.  

I appreciate the ability to change grade levels.  We had to adjust the grade levels for both my kids to make it more interesting and challenging.   One thing that I did not see but would be interested in having access to, is a scope and sequence for each subject and by grade level.  This would be helpful if the main purpose in using Time4Learning is to supplement other curriculum. 

I would recommend this curriculum as a supplemental educational tool.  

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Do It Yourself. Or Maybe Not.

Our master bathroom has only a shower, no bathtub.  It has been dripping for a while but has worked it’s way up to a constant.. drip, drip, drip.  So, I requested the handyman of the house to fix it.  Normally, dripping faucets are no big deal for my handy hubby. 

But, this time there seemed to be some cement or strong glue involved… or rusty metal.  Either way, here is what it looks like now. 











We spent the evening without water, obviously, and today we are waiting for our plumber to come this afternoon to replace the faucet.  We are hoping he can work magic that will not require tearing out any walls or busting a shower.  Visions of last year's house flood are still fresh in our minds, so we proceed with caution. 

What would you think our number one concern about being without water would be?   No shower in the morning?  Nope.  Not being able to flush toilets?  Nope.   The number one concern is how to get our coffee in the morning.  Fortunately, bottled water can work for coffee.  Yay!