Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Never Leave Home…

Without making sure toilets are not running, especially if you have a kid who is OCD with toilet paper. 


2011-10-25 Flood 168

By God’s design, the books on the shelves did not have a drop of water or drywall on them.  Amazing.  The track lighting pulled the ceiling down.

2011-10-25 Flood 170

This is why we get new carpet on the stairs and in the hall upstairs.  Also, the tile in the bathroom was removed to assist in drying. 

2011-10-25 Flood 005

The ceiling in half the family room was removed.

2011-10-25 Flood 012

The view from the bathroom to the family room. 

2011-10-25 Flood 001

I think there were about six of those blowers altogether… one in the bathroom in and four or five in the family room.  They ran constantly for 2 days.  Noisy!

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