Thursday, February 23, 2006

A face that only a mother could love? If you couldn't guess, this is Sean's "mad look". He shared it with me as I told him what was going to happen if he did not finish eating his food so he could get more apple. I then asked him if I could take a picture of him looking like that. He agreed and then I showed it to him and asked him if that looked pretty. He said no and then he finished eating his food without complaining. Too funny.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sierra is going through a phase right now with books. All she wants to do is look at books, carry them around, pile them on your lap and have you read them to her. Her attention span on most of them is about 10 seconds, but she will sit through some of them all the way to the end. She will even read them to herself in the van.

She recently captured Callie's attention for some snuggle and reading time. Books happen to be high on Callie's priority list as well. When she is not reading books from the school library, she is begging us to take her to the public library. She's afraid that she will run out of something to read. I suggested spending some of that energy on her math but all I got was a funny face. :)

Sierra said her first two word phrase tonight... it was clear as day. She was pointing at the refrigerator and grunting so I asked her what she wanted... she replied "string cheese". I said, "You want string cheese?" and she replied in her high pitched voice "Uh huh" with a big nod. Sure enough, she ate the whole thing. Sierra is a better eater than Callie and Sean combined. She will even eat celery.

Another catch up post. Sean got some "My First Craftsman" tools for Christmas from Maw and Paw and now thinks he can build or fix anything. He got a new train table set for Christmas and he helped his daddy put it together with his tools. Here's a pic of that.

His latest thing is to jump off of anything he can climb onto. Notice the hair during his freefall. :)

Sean got a new haircut this past week. We bribed him with two suckers if he would sit still and not cry. He showed a lot of maturity with this haircut. The last couple of haircuts were real adventures because he was afraid. This one actually turned out well because he was so good for it.

Sean was having a serious conversation about tigers and bears with his daddy the other day. I couldn't resist taking some shots of the expressions on his face as he talked.

I'm falling behind in blogging so I am going to try to catch up with a few posts. Here are some pictures from Callie's belated birthday sleepover party. The girls had a good time. Callie had an ice cream cake. Keagan spent the night as well and slept on Sean's top bunk. The girls surprised us by pestering the boys and playing hide and seek with them.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sean loves climbing into Sierra's crib when she wakes up in the morning and spending some time bonding and playing before I get her out. This morning, he had a lincoln log with him and I heard him hitting the bed with it. I took it away and told him it looked like he had hurt the bed - there was a dent in the area where he was hitting it. I went downstairs to get something and when I came back up... Sean ran up to me and told me he put a bandaid on the bed. Not believing him, I quickly went in Sierra's room... and sure enough, there was the bandaid. He had gotten a bandaid from the bathroom and put it right on the boo-boo. Of course, I had to keep a straight face and lightly scold him as I went to retrieve the digital camera. I hope this makes you smile. Have a great weekend!