Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another catch up post. Sean got some "My First Craftsman" tools for Christmas from Maw and Paw and now thinks he can build or fix anything. He got a new train table set for Christmas and he helped his daddy put it together with his tools. Here's a pic of that.

His latest thing is to jump off of anything he can climb onto. Notice the hair during his freefall. :)

Sean got a new haircut this past week. We bribed him with two suckers if he would sit still and not cry. He showed a lot of maturity with this haircut. The last couple of haircuts were real adventures because he was afraid. This one actually turned out well because he was so good for it.

Sean was having a serious conversation about tigers and bears with his daddy the other day. I couldn't resist taking some shots of the expressions on his face as he talked.

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