Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sierra is going through a phase right now with books. All she wants to do is look at books, carry them around, pile them on your lap and have you read them to her. Her attention span on most of them is about 10 seconds, but she will sit through some of them all the way to the end. She will even read them to herself in the van.

She recently captured Callie's attention for some snuggle and reading time. Books happen to be high on Callie's priority list as well. When she is not reading books from the school library, she is begging us to take her to the public library. She's afraid that she will run out of something to read. I suggested spending some of that energy on her math but all I got was a funny face. :)

Sierra said her first two word phrase tonight... it was clear as day. She was pointing at the refrigerator and grunting so I asked her what she wanted... she replied "string cheese". I said, "You want string cheese?" and she replied in her high pitched voice "Uh huh" with a big nod. Sure enough, she ate the whole thing. Sierra is a better eater than Callie and Sean combined. She will even eat celery.

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