Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Indiana State Fair Fun – Part 1

The first event we attended was a free show by African acrobats.   They were very strong and flexible.








After the acrobats, we went through some exhibits in the 4-H buildings and found Sean’s and some other friends’ projects. 

Sean got a blue ribbon.  He was pleased. 

After the 4-H building, we went to a Superdogs show where we saw some very talented canines.  They were fun to watch but it was even more fun to watch the kids watch the dogs.  In one part, they had a race between two teams of dogs.  In the first video, you can see Sean at the bottom left side cheering on the last dog in the relay.  The dogs were very fast.   In the second video, you can see how serious Callie was taking in the whole thing.  You’d have thought she was watching an Olympic event.  Watching her was more fun than watching the dogs. 


Race to the finish–Superdog show at Indiana State Fair.
Callie cheering at the Superdog show.


There was no temporary stage at the grandstand this year, due to last year’s tragic stage collapse (from high winds) before the Sugarland concert that killed seven people and left several with very serious injuries. Concerts were held at a different location this year.

Below is a picture I took last year as we were in the infield at our van ready to leave.  The end of the rainbow appears to end above the stage which has the blue top.  This was taken 4 days before the accident. 

State Fair 2011 027


And because our school and extracurricular activities are starting to mount, I will have to post more pictures later.  It is time to get ready for Sean’s first soccer practice. 

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