Thursday, August 02, 2012

Ice Skating in the Summer… great way to beat the heat.

Sierra took the summer session of skating.  She had moved up to level 4 after only 3 sessions.  This level proved much tougher but she is a hard worker.  While other kids hung out on the wall during practice time, she was concentrating on her turns.  One boy that she refers to as “the show off” would make a very good hockey skater… he skates fast… but he never practiced his turns.  Consequently, the ones on the wall and “the show off” did not pass level 4.  But the hard worker, Sierra, passed with a thumbs up from the instructor. 

We’ve known these instructors for a long time.  Callie started skating at about the same age as Sierra.  What is funny is that the instructors say Sierra looks just like Callie.  They do not know why that is funny to us.  The instructor she had for the first three levels called Sierra “Callie” a few times.  Funny.  They have the same color hair and Callie also wore glasses at that age, so I can see how someone could see a resemblance.

This was Sierra’s first time to have this instructor.  She is tough.  She does not tolerate goofing off or not paying attention.  She’s almost too strict but maybe this is the level where they weed out the less serious ones or something.  

Sierra is a quick learner though… she especially learned quickly to listen close and follow instructions.   Of course, now she wants to do gymnastics.  Sean does too.  Probably has a bit to do with what’s happening in London these days.  Sean asked me yesterday, “When can we get a pommel horse?”   They both have taken gymnastics in the past but we let them do one thing at a time and other things like ice skating, soccer and basketball have taken priority.   Sean is already signed up for fall soccer but Sierra is in between and must choose what to do next.  I want her to take another session of ice skating  while we have some skates that fit her.  I prefer to avoid renting skates for lessons.  A friend passed these skates to us after outgrowing them.   





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