Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Deep bone bruise




She slipped and fell on the stairs and landed on her elbow a couple weeks ago.  We did not go to the doctor until this week just to make sure she did not have a fracture.  It is still very tender to the touch but the discoloring is gone.  She has always had full motion so we didn’t think it was fractured but thought it wouldn’t still be so sore.  He said it is a deep bone bruise and said something about sprain strain tricep.    He suggested therapy because she is afraid of it.  He also prescribed an anti-inflammatory.  We are holding off on both due to her not wanting to do therapy which means she will not do the exercises.  They are not necessary for recovery.. more for psychological reasons.. so I am not going to insist.  After reading all the side effects and “tell your doctor immediately if this happens” we are also holding off on the anti-inflammatory medicine.  She’s extremely sensitive to prescriptions anyway so best to see if we can do without. 

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