Wednesday, August 15, 2012

State Fair–Part 2

Our next stop was the DNR building.  Sean and Callie shot archery but I did not get pictures because Sierra and I were in line to get registered for the Fishing Pond Youth Catch and Release.  We were going to a presentation and needed to be in the first round.  We happened to be the last three signing up for the first spot so that was a close one.  This was Callie’s last year.  It is for kids 5-17 and next year she will be over the cutoff. 

They give the kids a talk for about ten minutes and then they get to fish for 15 minutes or until they catch three fish.  They had no problem getting their 3 fish. 







Then we rushed over to the DNR Amphitheater for an evening with an eagle.   Her name is Belle. She is an immature bald eagle.  She will remain in captivity because she is blind in one eye.  She was originally put into rehab because she was found shot and with a broken wing.    I thought she was beautiful and as expected, she was the highlight of my photo taking of the day.





She is not sticking her tongue out on purpose.  It was hot and she started panting after a while.  He let her cool off and calm down before giving us the chance to photograph her on the perch. 





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