Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goodbye to the Dome - RCA Dome, fka the Hoosier Dome

Demolition will begin soon on the RCA Dome following the Colts loss today. I thought I'd post some pics I took of the Dome and the new Lucas Oil Stadium currently under construction. I will say that the new stadium is breathtaking just by its size alone. We were in awe of how big it is. It was a bit tricky to get pictures. One below is of the new stadium on the left with the Dome on the right just to give a size comparison.

At least there is still one Manning left in the playoffs. Congratulations to Eli and his team! We were sorry to see the Colts lose today but the Chargers certainly deserved to win that ball game. We hope Tony Dungy will return next year but that is the big question around town.

Our weekends are free for a few weeks now until NASCAR starts up again with the Daytona 500. :) That doesn't mean we will not watch the playoffs though - it just will not be as much of a priority.

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