Monday, January 21, 2008

Frigid temps... snow... frigid temps

I read today that one of the teams for last night's championship game practiced with footballs straight out of the freezer. Interesting. I wonder if they made the receivers stay in the freezer with the footballs for a while too. I wonder if it would help if they would lick their hands right before the play so the frozen footballs would just stick right to them instead of slipping through them because their fingers are numb. Eli Manning said he was warm and he sure played like it.

Even though their season is over, there is good news for the Colts this week. Tony Dungy is going to stay at least another season. Yea!

We're supposed to get 1-2" of snow tonight or tomorrow. I'm glad we do not need to go anywhere tomorrow so maybe, if the temperature is reasonable, the kids can play out in the snow. I can play out too. But my idea of playing is staying on the deck with my camera and zoom lens. I do not even need boots for that.

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