Friday, January 25, 2008

It amazes me how Sean can go from zero to pneumonia is such few hours. I suspected that was what it was again, but then it's only been two months since he had it last and everything was so familiar. We're home now and he's had his breathing treatment (4 x a day through the weekend and then start cutting back) and his antibiotic. Hopefully like last time, he will not need the extra steroid that we have a prescription for. If it is like last time, the nebulizer and the antibiotic should work quickly. After Dr. M listened to him thoroughly and was typing on his little mini-laptop, Sean said "Mommy, when we get home I think I need another breathing treatment." Dr. M said, "Yes you do".
This time last year it was Sierra who needed the nebulizer every time we turned around, but so far this fall/winter she has not needed it at all. That is a blessing.
Pray for Sean to get over this quickly.

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