Monday, January 07, 2008

The kids love to make and play in "plug"-houses (clubhouses). Sierra calls it a plughouse. Sean decided to help her out with that today. He says, "Sierra, say kuh, kuh, kuh". She says "kuh, kuh, kuh". He says "ku, club". She repeats it. Finally they arrive at "clubhouse". I suspect it will be "plughouse" again by tomorrow but she will get it someday.

I try not to correct them too early on things like that because it means they are growing up too fast. I'll enjoy listening to "plughouse" a while longer before I start helping Sean to correct her.

Sierra's glasses are almost a year old and the lenses have become covered in scratches. They are under warranty for a year so we waited as long as we could before having them remade. The doctor thought we could just order the lenses only and fit them at the office but the lenses were too big. We were trying to avoid her being without them any longer than absolutely necessary because of her one eye that turns in.

Today we dropped off the frames so they could be sent to the lab to be fitted with the new lenses. Sean wasn't too cool with this. He started asking Sierra all kinds of questions because he was concerned about her sight. He continued on with the questions while I went in and handed them to the lady at the optometrist office. When I came out, Sean exclaims, "Mommy, Sierra can't see anything! She can't see my hand, she can't see that tree over there!" I reassured him that she could see those things but not as well as she can with the glasses and that this should only be for a couple of days. I thought it was really sweet of him to be so concerned.

Sierra has expressed a few times today that she is sad about her glasses. I feel bad that she is without them because I know I wouldn't want to be without mine and my prescription is not anywhere close to what she requires.

Here's an old picture of how her eye used to turn in when she would focus on something. Now that she has glasses, it turns in pretty much all the time because it's used to getting to relax with the glasses on to help her.

Proof that we live in Indiana... current temperature is almost 60 degrees at nearly 10pm. Remember less than a week ago I was talking of freezing with the single digit temps and wind chills. Today it felt just like spring... rain and all. Sean was so confused he was ready to wear sandals and shorts to school. I did let him wear short-sleeves. High 65 degrees tomorrow, 35 by Saturday. Where else does the temperature jump around like that besides here? Anyone know? And it never fails... turn the tv to the weather forecast and listen to them talk about "Normal" temps for this time of year. I think Average would be a better word because we never have "Normal". It seems like we are always 20 degrees below or above "Normal" so I'd like to know how they decided what was normal anyway.

Well, time for me to hit the hay.