Sunday, January 20, 2008

It was cold cold cold today, but not nearly as cold as it is in Green Bay right now. I'm glad I am not a season ticket holder for the Packers. I am rooting for the Giants tonight. Peyton's brother Eli Manning is playing very well and it would be kind of cool to see him in the Super Bowl.
.... I interrupt this post to say "WoooHoooo, way to go Giants!!!!" Tynes just kicked a 47 yd. field goal to win the game in overtime of all things. After missing a couple of field goals, I bet he is very relieved to have made the long one.
So there will be a Manning in the SuperBowl two years in a row after all. Cool!! Nothing against Brett Favre, but this is neat.

Boy it is so cold there. It was something like -23 degrees wind chill factor. I bet they are glad to be heading to a much warmer climate in two weeks for the big game.

Speaking of cold, Sierra has her seasons mixed up. She has been asking to set up the swimming pool out back or to go to the pool at the park. Ummm, it's winter? So, to help her understand, I got a few books at the library on seasons. We read one tonight about summer.

Well all that Benadryl I took earlier for my cold/sinuses is kicking in so time for me to turn out the light and go night-night.

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