Friday, January 04, 2008

New dryer hooked up last night. I did my first load it in right away. Have you ever noticed how you take something for granted until you lose it? Like electricity or a dryer? And it never fails, when I lose something, that is when I want it the most. When the dryer died, I wanted to wash and dry clothes really bad. Kind of like when your water is off due to a main break so you all of a sudden really need to take a shower or wash dishes or do laundry. Or when your electricity is off, that's when you'd like to read a book by the lamp or play on the computer.

This dryer is probably a good thing. The door opens down instead of to the side so when I throw laundry across the room from the washer, if I miss, it will land on the door instead of the floor. That's a plus. And another thing is the lent thingy. It is on the top. So that means we have to keep the top uncluttered which gives me someplace to put folded laundry when I take it out.

The only bad thing is the dryer is white. Our other one was kind of a beige. The white one looks great but it makes the walls look like they need fresh paint. Kind of like the wonderful new paint in the foyer and hallways makes me want to replace the flooring tomorrow.

This week taught me to be thankful for those things I normally take for granted like washers and dryers and water and electricity. Take time today to be thankful for things that are important to you.