Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Anyone watch Cash Cab on The Discovery Channel? It's a game show played in a cab in New York City. The cab is actually a Toyota Sienna minivan with a driver who is the host of the show.

We really like to watch this show (most of the time). It is fast paced and they actually get through more than 5 questions per show and we don't have to listen to "We'll find out.... right after this!" There are commercial breaks but they aren't used to torture the viewer (me). I just do not enjoy all the reality-type game shows or the ones that go so slow that you fall asleep waiting for them to get to the good stuff.

But one thing occurred to me today. In this show, people win hundreds or possibly even a couple thousand dollars. Then when they reach their destination, they are let out on the curb in New York City of all places with a handful of cash and usually at night.

Does that seem a little scary to anyone else?

On tonight's episode, there was a woman alone who won $1750. So the driver hands her the cash and lets her out of the cab. In New York City at night alone. Yikes!

Maybe they'll start up a new reality show called "What Happened After I Got Out of the Cash Cab."

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