Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Seems like it's been a while since I posted so thought I would give a quick update. We've had a good break. Jeff goes back to work tomorrow. We'll start school next Monday although Callie said she is ready to get back to school. I want to know who she is and what has she done with my daughter?

We've been working around here. Some rooms are beginning to look more organized and less cluttered. Foyer and hallways are painted a new color. I will post pictures sometime later. Our dryer died over the weekend and our new one should be in tomorrow. In the meantime, I have only washed a few things and hung them up around the house. Luckily I was somewhat caught up on laundry before it died.

It is cold cold cold and getting colder as we speak so I have to run to keep moving things around in our unheated laundry room to make way for dryer before tomorrow night and to move things in our family room so we can use the space heater tomorrow since our fireplace man (Jeff) will be back at work. This room can get really cold being on the lower level next to unheated garage and laundry room. So, adios for now.