Friday, March 21, 2008

Vacuums and Eggs

I've said before that we usually do not appreciate something until we lose it. Like when the dryer went out or the heat. Well, I am not big on vacuuming, but now that our main vacuum smells like it is on fire when you turn it on, I have a burning desire (no pun intended) to do some serious vacuuming. Unfortunately, we are down to a little Shark and a small upright. I am spoiled with the bare-floor feature of our canister vacuum. Brooms aren't much good, especially when your dust pan is bent. I vacuumed the linoleum with the Shark tonight. I have to do the room clockwise because it blows air out the right side and blows the dirt and the dust bunnies across the floor, so the direction you move is important. It just occurred to me I could bring the shop vac in from the garage and crawl around the floor to do the baseboards. Hmm, not a bad thought.

I am hoping to color eggs with the kids tomorrow. I bought some extra eggs so we'd have plenty. I think someone has got eggs confused with gasoline. $1.87 a dozen?? Seems like it was just last year that they were selling eggs for Easter at about 50 cents a dozen.

Speaking of eggs, C came to me a few minutes ago and asked me what fish eggs were called. I told her I thought it was caviar. She is just totally disgusted that someone eats that. She thinks that is like eating baby puppies. I promptly asked her what she had for breakfast (as if I didn't know). "Eggs", she replied, not getting the connection. I said, "Baby chickens?" LOL. I think she'll be having cereal tomorrow.

Sean update: He was better today but he did have a fever late in the day but not high enough to take anything for it. He is really congested in his head and still has a sore throat but is still eating and drinking.

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