Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Acute Asthma

I took Sean to the doctor today for his wheezing and because I thought he might have a sinus infection. The Dr. M does not think he has a sinus infection, but is treating him for acute asthma. He happened to be having a spell while we were there so he could hear the wheezing and see him breathe. He put us on 4 nebulizer treatments a day with albuterol and 2 of those will also have Pulmicort. Every 3 days we will take one treatment away until he is eventually down to just one of Pulmicort only for prevention and he wants us to do the maintenance for 3 months to see if we can prevent these attacks. If we cannot block them, then he wants us to consult with an allergy specialist to try to determine what his asthma triggers are.

We were at the doctor's office for an hour and a half. They were running behind. A lot of sick kids. As we were walking toward the door, Sean commented "Phew, I am glad to get that over with!" One of the doctors heard him and laughed. She said that was the comment of the day. She did not hear the comment I had heard earlier when we were in the restroom. During our wait, Sean said he had to go poop, so we left the exam room and went to the restroom. But Sean said he didn't have to go poop now. He said, "My bottom stopped thinking about having to go poop. It does that a lot." For me, that was the quote of the day. Too bad the doctor missed that one, eh? :)

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