Thursday, March 13, 2008

Gas Prices and Splashes

I am so tired of playing the gas price game. This is the game that you might be familiar with. It basically is where you ask yourself "Should I fill up now?" It's where you try to guess if the price can possibly go any higher or if there's a chance it will drop. And when. And by how much. What I've seen the past few months is like a yo-yo. We're not talking a change of just a few pennies a gallon. But 20 or 30 cent shifts.

Trying to decide whether to fill up can be stressful. I've gotten to the point where I sometimes follow the NASCAR practice of doing a "splash and go". In NASCAR, this is when the race cars pull into the pit and slow down just long enough to get a splash of gas that will get them to the finish line without being pushed. My version of splash and go is to take a chance that gas will drop again in a few days so I only partially fill a tank. Sometimes it backfires but usually doesn't cost me any more in the long run.

Speaking of splash and go, take a look at this video.

This wave surprised some folks in Spain earlier this week during some storms.

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