Monday, March 24, 2008

Superhero or Sidekick?

I walked by the bathroom today to see Sean drying his hands on the towel while looking in the mirror and heard him say "Sidekick."

The kids have watched the movie Sky High several times recently. It is a cute movie about a high school that is just for kids of superheros. On the first day of school, one teacher screens the kids to determine whether they are a hero or a sidekick based on their superpowers.

Sean and Sierra run around being superheros quite a bit now. Sean watched The Incredibles over the weekend. They all caught a few minutes of Shark Boy and Lava Girl. See a theme here?

And recently, I've begun to wonder if the gymnastics thing is a good idea for Sean. He thinks he needs to do front rolls (somersaults) all the time. He rolls onto the sofa, onto the bed, off of everything. And he does it like it is his superpower or something.

Personally, I never liked gymnastics much. There were too many requirements for being upside down and my equilibrium is definitely not set up for being upside down.

Spring break is over and I think we are all a little bit glad to get back into the normal routine. I will have to be more prepared once summer gets here. Sean did not know what to do with himself without preschool so I need to "run to stay ahead of him" once he is out of preschool (to quote his teacher). He needs to be challenged and that appears to mean pretty much every day. We might have to start kindergarten in June, but I am hoping to start in early August.

And of course, back to gymnastics tomorrow. Sean and Sierra are thrilled about that.

We are supposed to get more rain but at least it is not supposed to be non-stop for 40 days and nights like it seemed last week.

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