Thursday, March 06, 2008

First thing... weather forecast. This evening the news showed us getting 6-9 inches between tomorrow and Saturday. Snow this time... they haven't mentioned ice. We still have standing water in our yard from all the rain so we should be able to make some snowcones or something.
Now for some more Children's Museum pictures.
The dinosaur exhibit is one of the kids' favorites.
Families dig dinos... and get sand in their shoes.

Sierra is showing signs of less shyness, but this employee seems quite young so it's possible she was mistaken by Sierra for a child.

Sean is displaying his domestic (maternal) side by sitting on the eggs.

Just before he climbed after Sierra, Sean said, "Sierra, some dinosaurs eat dinosaurs, you know." Run, Sierra, run!

The lighting (or lack thereof) made photographing the dinosaur skeletons difficult in the dark, but I thought a couple of these turned out nicely.

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