Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kids and Dentists

Last week, Sierra had her first visit in the dentist's chair. Nothing traumatic. Dr. N. counted her teeth and mentioned an overbite. It was a warm-up visit. She did great.

Today was Callie's and Sean's turn. Callie's experience was better than usual. She told the hygienist how the fluoride always makes her nauseous. So, she used a foam instead of the rinse and painted it on Callie's teeth. Voila! It worked. No nausea this time!

Sean was a little apprehensive. There is a spot on one of his teeth that they are watching. They have tried twice to get bite-wing xrays without any success. His hygienist remembered the first time and said that they would not be trying to do that on this visit. He was relieved. His mouth is too small for the cardboard film thingys so it causes him to gag.

I was called back to see the dentist about Callie and while I was there, Sean was called back so Sierra went with him. When I went to their room, Sierra wanted to stay and watch Sean get his teeth cleaned. I went back to the waiting room and enjoyed reading a book. Sean was in a room at the end of the hall. I do not know how she managed to clean his teeth. I'm pretty sure he talked the entire time. Just before he got his fluoride, I heard him tell his sister, "Sierra, watch me closely, I am not going to cry." Ironically, Sean was paired with the hygienist who also likes to talk the entire time, so I can only imagine what their conversation was like. :)

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