Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings Time and Longer Days

Here in Indiana, we recently joined the rest of the crazy world who move their clocks around twice a year. In the fall, when we "fall back" an hour, it's kind of nice to get that extra hour of sleep. But come spring, we "spring forward" an hour causing our bodies and minds to be all confused for a few days while we adjust. First, we have to set our alarms and then drag ourselves out of bed on a Sunday feeling rather tired. Then we have to wake up the kids to get ready for church. All day we are looking at a different clock trying to remember if that was one we changed or if the time was off. We also spend the day trying to trick our stomachs around meal times. Then I tell the kids they need to go to bed early because they didn't get as much sleep last night, they tell me it's because I woke them up. Does anyone actually get up at 2:00am to set all the clocks?

Then there's the longer daylight hours. I told Sean that the days were getting longer but that didn't mean he had to wake up earlier just because it was daylight. He was excited because he said that meant that he could play longer each day. Oops. No, I mean there is more daylight but the days are still the same number of hours. Well, the good news is that att least temporarily, he might start sleeping a little later again based on the new time but only until daylight catches up.

Do you know who we have to blame thank for DST? Benjamin Franklin.

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