Monday, February 18, 2008

What's up...

We got a quick blast of snow today... enough to cover the grass and make visibility tricky for a while. More snow than we got when they had predicted we were going to get dumped on last week. I think meteorology might be a low stress job. Think about how often they are wrong but they keep giving us the forecast. The weather is one of those things that helps remind us WHO is in CONTROL. GOD.

Sean has a cold. Not bad yet but he is coughing and back on breathing treatments as a precautionary measure. He was still coughing after he went to bed, so I went in and took his socks off, rubbed Vicks vaporub on them and put the socks back on. I've read about this home remedy in emails and online a few times. Seems like a pretty simple thing to try. I haven't heard him coughing lately so I think it might have worked. Interesting.

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