Monday, February 04, 2008


Sean seems to have developed another infection. He first complained of pain when he was chewing around 11:30am and I noticed it was puffy. He took a nap after preschool and when he woke up about 6:00, he had 102.2 fever and his face was really swollen. I talked to the doctor on-call this evening and he ordered him an antibiotic which we started tonight and he will see his regular doctor in the morning. We think it is an infected salivary gland - parotid. It is the one that also gets swollen with mumps, so Sean looks like he has half mumps... just on one side so far. It is a little scary that he is sick again just one day after finishing his antibiotic for the pneumonia. He feels pretty good and the swelling seems less since he took ibuprofen.

For fun, here's a little story from this evening. Sierra had the end of her finger in her mouth for some reason, so I told her to take it out of her mouth. Then Sean said, "Yeah, you don't know where it's been!". :)

Did anyone watching the game last night notice how quiet the announcers got after Eli Manning threw the winning touchdown with 35 seconds to go? They didn't say a word for quite some time. They were speechless. Calculating their losses, perhaps?

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