Thursday, February 07, 2008

There is power in prayer. Friends from church and family members have been praying for Sean. On Tuesday the doctor said Sean would get worse before he got better. He hasn't had any fever since Tuesday and his swelling is almost not noticeable at all now. He was just like his usual self today.

This afternoon he asked me if he could play Tonka Garage on the computer. I told him if he picked up the t.v. room first, he could. I went upstairs and he was downstairs for a while. Some time later, he came up and said, "I picked up the t.v. room a little, can I play Tonka Garage now?" Then, before I could answer, he said, "I didn't really pick up the t.v. room. I was kind of watching t.v. Can I still play Tonka Garage?" I was pleased to see how his conscience worked on him. He's growing up so fast and I don't just mean in size. Last week when he was sick with the pneumonia, several mornings as he was doing his breathing treatments, he watched the video Franklin Learns to be Honest. I guess it made an impression.

Oh, and we discovered something else from the parotitis. Sean has a new molar that is almost all the way in. A little early for a six-year molar. He was alarmed at first about why he would be getting another tooth but after I explained that it is because he is getting big, he thought it was pretty cool.

He's coughing some in his sleep tonight so we might have stopped the nebulizer too soon. We'll have to re-evaluate that.

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