Thursday, February 28, 2008

Toasty at last!

We have our furnace back in operation and are toasty warm tonight. Thank God for meeting that need for us! We were blessed to have wood for our fireplace and a couple of electric heaters to keep us comfortable until it could be fixed. We were also blessed to have sunshine all day, something we have seen little of recently. We are thankful for a thoughtful repairman who called to see if we were almost ready for him to return before he started another job so he could fit us in. (We had to remove water from our crawlspace so he could access the furnace without getting electrocuted. People are so picky these days - ha.)
He felt bad that he could do nothing to the furnace last night which we really appreciated.

Callie looked at the bright side to our situation today. She said we would save money by not running the furnace. So we had a general math lesson about the electricity to run the space heaters and the expected invoice from the repairman. Not quite a trade-off, but I liked her optimism.

Please keep the family of Shaelynn Sue in your prayers. She lost her battle to brain cancer last week at the tender age of 2 years old.

Also, please continue to remember Julian's family in your prayers as they continue to heal and go on with their lives. I want to share part of his mom Mimi's post today. Through God's strength she continues to still think of others who are suffering because of this terrible disease. She feels blessed to have her three surviving sons to keep Julian's memory alive and is reminding us to not forget those who may have lost a child, especially an only child. If you know someone who has been through this, let them know you still think of them.

No parents should hear the words“ time of death , 11:22 am “ referring to their
child, EVER! Along, with feeling their heartbeat slow down and stop under their
fingers. Fingers that days before were used to feed our babies one last donut
hole, fingers that went thru their newly grown hair , fingers that wiped away
all their tears , fingers that were used to rub lotion on their little baby
tummy , fingers that wont ever get to touch their sweet face. I don’t know what
hell feels like but at times I am sure losing a child is pretty darn close . My
heart goes out to all the parents who have lost a child to cancer ( because of
the horror of treatments , up and down emotions, bad news after bad news ,I know what it is like …) , but particularly the ones who have lost their ONLY child to

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