Thursday, February 21, 2008

Slicker than snot....

That is what the roads must be.... for the authorities to already have closed schools for tomorrow. The last time I can remember that happening was when I was a kid (a long time ago). We celebrated by going outside about 9pm and building a snowman... back in the 1970s when we used to get measurable snow. It seems all we get now is enough snow to make the ground look white and then enough freezing rain and sleet to make it useless. I saw the neighbor kid cleaning off his driveway earlier. Perhaps he did not know we were going to get ice too. We think it is good to have a cushion of snow underneath to help with traction, so we leave the snow on the driveway. Truth is that we are getting a second round tomorrow. What fun.

Sean is coughing tonight. I think he's having some allergies since no one else has caught his cold. I think he's allergic to Callie. He did spend some time in her room this evening. Well, actually, he's probably more likely allergic to Binkie the guinea pig rather than his sister. I tried the Vicks thing again... he sure is ticklish when he is asleep. He walked out of his room a few minutes after I put it on his feet and asked me to put him back to bed. I don't know why he does this sometimes. Tonight I asked him why he got out of bed. He looked confused. :)
He's still coughing so either not enough Vicks or he needs some Delsym or the nebulizer.

We live next to the interstate. The snow plow trucks are noisy. Traffic is moving well so the plows are doing a great job scraping and salting. Either that or the drivers are in denial. Usually lasts until they end up in a ditch or see someone else slide off the road.

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Anonymous said...

What you were describing with sean sounds familiar to what jacob does on occasion. He gets up in the middle of the night and walks around. Sometimes he starts talking but its just mumbles or random words. We ask him what he is doing and he looks at us like we are crazy. We have decided it is a wierd form of sleepwalking.