Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Aha, put one in the win column for the weather people! We got snow! About 2 inches. It was the fine powdery stuff that blows back in your face when you clean your car off in very cold wind chills. Too cold to play in it and too dry to build with it anyway. On the bright side, it is very easy to clean off the walk and driveway. I just scooted it with the shovel.

Sean had pajama day at preschool and today was his day to be the line leader. He was so anxious to get to school. I think he was more excited about being line leader than he was about wearing his pajamas. They started a half hour late since the school corporation had a 2-hour delay due to the slick roads. Our next chance for snow.... tomorrow night. Not sure how much we are supposed to get, but Indy is saying 1-3" as of this evening. Then we might get ice on top of that on Friday from the freezing rain. When is spring?? I'm ready.

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