Saturday, February 02, 2008


I explained Groundhog Day to Sean yesterday. I searched for some activities for us to do today and we were all ready. This morning, he hadn't been up long before he remembered the holiday. "Mommy, it's Warthog Day!", he exclaimed. After I hid my laugh, I reminded him it was Groundhog Day. "Oh yeah", he said. I think he had trouble with it because he'd never heard of a groundhog.

I found a video of Punxsutawney Phil online and played it for Sean and Sierra today so they could see a groundhog. They thought he was really cute... for about five seconds then they wanted me to print their coloring pages so they could color one. They both showed true creativity in their coloring page. Sierra's groundhog was pink. Sean's was brown but he added a cave, a shadow and the sun to his artwork.

Of course, we all know... either way, there is still six more weeks of winter.

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