Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Highlights of Summer

The highlights of our summer are our county 4H Fair and the Indiana State Fair, the latter of which we discovered a couple years ago and found it to be great fun.

This is Sean’s first year as a 4H’er.  He has completed six projects and we are waiting for judging later this afternoon.   Sierra is in mini-4H and will drop off her exhibits on Thursday.

The girls and I are entering items in the open-class building today also.  Sierra did a chalk pastel drawing and Callie did a pencil drawing and made a bracelet.  I did a charcoal drawing and am entering a couple of photographs.  If I get reenergized, I might enter something in foods on Thursday.

Every year I look at all the exhibits and think how much fun it would be and then I wait all year and say the same thing again the next year.   I hope that in the future I can start working on other items to exhibit just for fun. 

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