Sunday, July 08, 2012

4H Results

Sean got blue ribbons on all six projects.  One criticism I have heard from other homeschool parents is that the judging has become too easy for the sake of the child’s self esteem.   I think there is some truth to that although I felt Sean’s projects were done well and he demonstrated during judging that he knew and understood the requirements and the details of his projects.  For example, he made a family first aid kit for health and was able to show the judge everything in his kit and what it was to be used for.  Likewise, he was able to answer all of the judge’s questions and explain what he learned while doing his child development poster.   He also understood the types of rocks for geology. 

He received reserve champion ribbons (2nd place in his division/age category) in entomology, health and child development.   His biggest surprise was that he received Champion (first place in his division) and Grand Champion (first place over all divisions/age categories) and a State Fair entry for his geology poster.  State Fair is a desired goal for those wanting to have more serious judging of their projects.   After we went through the 4H building at the State Fair last year, Sean has wanted to have something entered in there and was so excited that he will get to. 

As for the open class judging, Sierra got a red ribbon on her chalk pastel drawing.  For next year, our goal will be to do a lot more art during school so that she will have a few art creations to choose from.  Callie got blue ribbons on her drawing and her bracelet.  I got blue ribbons on the two photographs, reserve champion on my loaf of bread (I think there were only 3 or 4 entries so no big deal) and Reserve Grand Champion (2nd overall of all candy entries) on my marshmallows.    Those marshmallows are the bomb.  I was not surprised they did well…   all it takes is for someone to taste them.  Smile 

One of the photos I entered is the picture of Sean whispering to Santa that you can see on the right side of my blog.  The other one I entered was this one.2008 Zoo 056

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