Saturday, July 28, 2012

Music & Drama Camp

With Sean in Music and Drama camp every afternoon this week, it was a busy week.   I was gone every afternoon while he was at camp.  We had two doctor’s appointments, photocopying for school, a couple of play dates and some other errands to run.  I was glad to see last night come and am ready to enjoy some Olympics on television while I work around here to catch up. 

There were 96 kids at the camp and yesterday evening was the musical.  The kids learn a whole musical in just 5 afternoons. 



One of our play dates was at a local indoor playground.  We missed having the indoor playground for a few years while the new area was being reconstructed.  I am not particularly fond of how loud and noisy this one is.  It just seems louder than our last one or else I am just getting old and cranky. 





I got a new camera… well, it’s used and has a dent in it but so far it works pretty good.  I have been testing it out.  My old point and shoot digital camera finally started to die… would not focus most of the time.  I have been researching to find a comparable replacement and just haven’t been happy with the reviews for the amount of money they cost.  So, I decided to go up to the next level and research and found reviews that were more to my liking.  The downside is that the cameras were twice as much.  I had gotten my other camera from a rewards program at work and didn’t realize what a great deal it had been. 

Being the eBay person that I am, I started looking for this camera among used ones.  I found one for $32 including shipping which had a dent in the front.  So far, this has not affected it’s performance that I can tell.  I am still trying to learn how to adjust the settings  but the pictures above and below were taken with it.  It also does video.   This was Sean’s speaking part in the musical. 


Sean and his speaking part.


Can you tell Sean enjoys drama? 



I love this picture of Sierra.  She will be getting new glasses next week.  These are too small and she needed a new prescription.  Her glasses cost more than my new ones because of her prescription.  I was talking to a friend yesterday about her daughter’s new glasses.  $80 for hers.  Wow, if only.  Sierra’s cost five times that before insurance.  Fortunately, insurance will pay about 60%.  They keep paying less and less for our glasses even though our premiums keep going up.  

She’s been complaining about her eyes a lot and is ready for new ones.  I don’t know if the change in the prescription will help or not.  He suggested it might be from the high pollen count.  She hasn’t been wanting to read much because of her eyes.  They water easily and she seems to be experiencing eye fatigue. 

I was surprised by all the cute glasses frames that are available now.  They didn’t even have any simple ones like her last four pair.  The ones she picked out are really cute. 

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