Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Shovel and a Broom

We have been working to turn Sierra’s room into a bedroom instead of a replica of the landfill.  I think the girl has inherited some of my organizational (or lack thereof) genes.  We did manage to remove the changing table dresser and hope to sell it.  It was great to have it with four drawers but it took up too much space in her small room.   The top folds back to make a neat shelf but I had it open for pictures. 


Now with that out of the way, we have moved the too-big-for-her room dresser over to the longest wall and put her bed closer to the window and away from a wall.  She has downsized her toys and I still need to downsize her clothing.  We need to sort through baby doll stuff.  I am working on ways to maximize storage and space.   Where is HGTV when I need it?  Oh yeah, with the pricey cable that we are not going to pay for.  Oh well.  I’m no Candice Olson but it will have to do.  I do have a much much much smaller budget but I am still having some fun. 

I’ve decided to start putting most everything away for a fall garage sale.  With a two week fall break from school, I am thinking an October garage sale sounds good.  We did that a couple years ago and had more traffic on the Friday than we’ve ever had during a neighborhood sale.  I barely had time to go to the restroom. 

Well, I better get back to it.   I have already emailed the honey-do-list to the man of the house so he knows what’s waiting for him this evening.  Good thing he likes using his power drill. 


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