Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Two Cents

Since the secondary topic for this weekend is the Penn State scandal, I want to weigh in on that in case those who are defending this program might be reading. 

Having been a foster parent for six years with 26 kids being in our home during that time, I feel I can make a statement.   Foster children are at higher risk of having been abused because they have a lot of contact with many adults. 

What the staff at Penn State did by ignoring what they knew was going on is reprehensible.   No one can say that they reported it to their bosses and think they are relieved of responsibility.  What was going on was criminal and when actions weren’t taken, they should have kept going until they ended up at law enforcement. 

We had two young children who were victims of this kind of abuse at the hands of a previous foster parent prior to coming to our home.  We were told by authorities that there was a good chance they’d been violated because they had been moved around so much between family and eight different foster homes.  

There is nothing more heartbreaking and sickening than to witness a young child acting out sexually because of what has been done to him.   It makes you want to kill the person responsible, especially someone who is in a position of trust.  These kids’ innocence was taken away on someone else’s terms which should never happen to anyone. 

Never ever should a football program, a church or any organization be protected at the expense of children.  That is what has been happening.   This makes me sick.

I pray for wisdom for the NCAA and Penn State in what their future actions need to be.   

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