Friday, June 29, 2012

Four more days until judging

4H is a good program.  Sean is learning a lot as he works on his project activities and designs his activities.  I am hoping he gets several blue ribbons so that he will be motivated next year.  He’s learning how to use the computer to type and print pieces for his poster, learning about the importance of cutting straight and about using too much glue. 

I have learned that he is rather creative and I love his poster designs and enjoy helping him accomplish what he has chosen to do. 

I am thankful that he had a dream (nightmare) that there was only one day to get all his projects done.  It has helped his motivation tremendously.

It will be interesting to see how next year goes.  Will he choose fewer projects?  Will he start sooner?  Time will tell. 

He chose many projects.  We did not do a few of them including performing arts, public speaking and caged critters.  He is hoping to complete Geology, Entomology, Electric, Child Development, Health, Crafts (Fine Arts).  Let’s see how many actually get turned in for judging in four days.  Geology and Entomology are on track.  Health should be doable (make a family first aid kit) and his dad is helping him with Electric. 

When he first made his list last year, he chose fourteen projects.  I’m glad we did not sign up for that many. 

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