Monday, June 04, 2012

The V-Sign

We went to the library today after tennis was rained out and ran into some other homeschoolers who were supposed to also be at tennis.  One of the mom friends that I’ve known for a few years but haven’t seen in a while due to them relocating for a year, came over and sat at my table and we were talking.   Sierra came over to us and was just standing around and my friend asked her a couple of questions.  Now, Sierra is very wary of strangers but I was surprised when she replied, “Do I know you?” in the most serious voice ever.  After my friend replied to her the best way she could to explain how she knows Sierra, Sierra did the V-sign and pointed them to her own eyes and then to my friend’s eyes…. as to say, “I’m keeping my eye on you.”   I’m glad my friend has a sense of humor.

Sierra is my shy one.  Apparently not so much these days.    

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