Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Foods I Hate

After I put yet another food on her plate that she does not like, Sierra, 7 1/2, made a list for me of foods that she hates.  I guess she was hoping to help me out.

Last night I put a tiny spoon of spinach on her plate.  She went to her list and pointed out that it was second, meaning it is high on the list of dislikes. 



I had to laugh at the last item.  I told her that there are all kinds of casseroles and there might be at least one that she will like.  So far I guess I haven’t found one.  Funny that she lumped it into a food group. 

One thing I noticed, is that she isn’t too fond of many Feingold Stage 2 items (tomatoes, peppers and berries).   It’s too bad that her brother absolutely loves those foods that he is very sensitive to. 

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