Thursday, February 05, 2009

Things Kids Say and Do

I was helping Sierra get dressed after a bath.  I was blowing her toes before putting her socks on and she said, "Stop it!  Your blow is COLD!"  Then she says, "Is my blow cold?", and starts blowing on my arm. 

When Sean lost his first tooth a couple months ago, I put a coin under his pillow for his tooth, but when he woke up, he had my coin plus a 50-cent piece.  I thought Jeff must have added that, but later found out that Callie put it under there.  She was worried we'd forget.  I can't imagine where she got the idea that we might forget (sarcasm).  She has a good memory, I suppose.  :) 

Sean lost his second tooth this week.  He figured out who the tooth fairy was last year after we told him the truth about Santa (see this old post), so he kept reminding me about the tooth but I told him that I think the tooth fairy is on vacation in Florida (dream on, I know) and I don't have her cell phone number.  He recited a 7-digit make-believe phone number for me.  At bedtime, he kept asking me how I get the tooth from his pillow while he is asleep.  I kept pulling his leg and telling him I have no idea what he is talking about.  He just giggled.  This morning, he thanked me for the wrinkled dollar bill. 

Callie has trouble understanding cliches and old sayings.  Once recently, I said to her, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch."  She immediately responded, "I wish you'd stop saying those old western sayings!" 

While watching the Thanksgiving Day parade last November, Callie calls out to me, "Mom, there's an old guy on here singing that you probably know."  Here's the video.  

I honestly didn't think he looked that old.  Come on, how old does she think I look?  Don't answer that.  Do you ever see an old school teacher that you thought was really old when you had them only to realize that they were the same age then as you are now?  Ouch. 

Anyway, I guess Rick does look a little bit older than he did back then.  Anyone remember Rick? 


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Stacy said...

I didn't know who that was till I heard him singing. But I know who the younger pic was either. Be sure to save these posts so the kids can read them when they get older.