Thursday, February 19, 2009


The forecast last night was cold... any snow would be north of I-70... blah blah blah.  The next chance of measurable snow.... Saturday. 

So when I was up at 4:00am...  and looked out to what looked like a blizzard, I hoped I was dreaming. 


2009 feb023

This is the path I shoveled to the mailbox this morning.  Notice there are no tracks from Jeff's car so most of this fell after he left for work around 6:00am.  Maybe it's me, but if I can use a shovel on it, it's measurable as far as I'm concerned.  I suppose these surprise snows only help make up for the times we are expecting snow and get nothing.  It all balances out somehow.  Problem with these surprise snows is that the road crews were also surprised, which means no salt on the roads.  Can you say slick? 

Not usually a problem except when I schedule an early eye doctor appointment at 9:15am.  That's not too early for most people but it is for Sierra.  There's no way to describe how she is if someone wakes her up before she has had her beauty rest.  Mean is the best word to describe her.  She kicks, yells "Go away, MOMMY!  Stop talking to me!  It's fun.   At least it didn't last long. 

By the time we arrived at the appointment, she was back to her normal princess self.  She is so good for the doctor.  She answers his questions in barely more than a whisper and smiles at me during this exam.   

I got more information from him about the upcoming surgery.  It is on both eyes for the one muscle.  But on her left eye, he will also correct a second muscle.  Her eye not only turns in, but also shoots up like it's looking at the moon.  That's a different muscle.  The whole surgery will take about 1 1/2 hours. 

I talked to her more about it and she is not scared at all.  She's like "Yippee!  I can't wait!"  I just hope and pray that her pain will be minimal following the operation.  We went to the library this afternoon.  I picked up some books about the hospital and also some on birds since that is what she is studying at preschool this month.  Reading is fun.  I love our library. 

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