Monday, February 09, 2009


As some of you know, Sierra has been doctoring with an ophthalmologist for her eyes for a few years.  At first, it was for the eye that turned in at times.  Two years ago we noticed it turned in worse when she was focusing on something so her vision was checked and we learned she is very far-sighted.  That's when she first got glasses. Her prescription in both eyes is a +4.75 which is very strong. 

The doctor has continued to watch her eyes by checking her every few months.  Last summer, we had to patch her eye for a month when her vision in the one eye was suffering.  The brain can stop sending signals so the patch over the good eye, forced the other one to reconnect with the brain.  I have read that if this isn't corrected soon enough, vision can be permanently lost in the eye.

Today at her appointment, the doctor said her vision is staying the same so no need to patch.  That was the good news.  The bad news is that the eye that turns in even with her glasses on has progressively gotten to the point where it now requires surgery.  He has mentioned this possibility since day one so it is not a surprise.  He explained it is a simple surgery done under general anesthetic and takes only about 45 minutes. 

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Her outpatient surgery is scheduled on Feb. 27.  I explained it to her and she was like, "okay".  And I told her she'd get candy and ice cream and so forth when she wakes up.  Sean, on the other hand, frets and worries about such things.  Mostly he worries that he will have to have surgery of some kind too.  He will worry about her.  We'll have to work on that so his worries do not transfer to her. 

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