Tuesday, February 03, 2009

More Snow and Age Appropriate Crafts

We got more snow today but not sure how much.  It was blowing around so much that as you can see, the van is covered on this side and the driveway, but on the other side, nada.  Sierra still had preschool so I had the fun chore of sweeping off the snow to have it blow back in my face.  This is the first day in a week that schools were in session a full day.  Last week they were out 4 days and yesterday was a 2-hour delay.  Looks like tomorrow could be a 2-hour delay if the wind doesn't stop.

2009 feb007 2009 feb005

2009 feb003

Now for the crafts that we worked on over the weekend.  I picked up a couple of Lisa Frank craft sets at Walmart on clearance for $1.25.  Each set had three crafts.  One was for ages 4 and up so I thought Sierra would enjoy it (it's a girly craft set).

2009 feb008

I am curious how they based their idea of Ages 4 and up for this.  Do you see all the cords and beads that had to be tied?  Then there was the pompom that had to be made.  Sierra did enjoy helping me with it though.  She placed the sequins on the pompon and stuck the planets on. 

The next set was for ages 3 and up.  Sean chose to "make" a ladybug.

2009 feb004

It didn't turn out too hot but maybe the instructions should have said "Not for ages 40 and up".  Sean took one look at the instructions and politely declined to participate.  Sierra ended up helping me by finding the red and black beads.  Ages 3 and up?  I think what they meant by that was like the toys that are choking hazards.  They put "Ages 3 and Up" on toys that have small parts that are for choking because that age isn't likely to eat the beads.  I mistakenly assumed that this craft was appropriate for a child at least three years old.  

I think we'll have better success with our Valentines. 

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Jan said...

And to think--a ladybug is supposed to mean good luck. perhaps they mean "good luck with this!"