Friday, February 06, 2009

Fun Day

Today we had a few things going on.  Sean and Sierra had gymnastics for an hour.  Imagine a bunch of homeschool moms sitting on some bleachers chatting while the kids get a good work out in the gym.  Early in the hour, our attention was drawn to one of the male instructors (Sean's favorite) who had started doing back flips on the trampoline.  On about his fourth flip, his pants fell down, exposing his Superman boxers.  It has been a long time since I've laughed that hard.  We were all laughing hard.  I said we need to get out more. 

Sierra and I went to the library to return some books, cash in some points for the winter reading club, get some movies and more books.  I completed the adult reading club so I got entered in the drawing for I have no idea what.  I also got a book bag.  It's not as nice as the ones we usually use, but it's free.  I read four books for the club and got a bonus buck for the ongoing book sale, a couple other coupons and a key ring card holder, plus the book bag.  We checked out some good movies.  They moved the DVD area so it has its own space and doesn't interfere with book checkout or should I say that the other way around?  Much more space now.  We picked up Madagascar, Toothless (with Kirstie Alley), Wendy Wu and Where the Red Fern Grows. 

But the best part was when we turned in the kids' books to get points for their reading club.  They both had a little over 100 points.  I wasn't going to select their prizes today since Sean wasn't with us, but I saw something that caught my eye.  On top of a newly filled bin of books (100 pts gets a book), there was a brand new paperback copy of The New Adventure Bible.  It is a NIV Study Bible for kids.  It is what we planned to get for Sean for Bible Study.  He will be old enough for BSF next year if his level is open.  Callie had this same Bible but in hardback.  The hardback version costs over $20 and the paperback is around $15, so needless to say, I spent 100 of Sean's points (plus 20 on a tattoo).   We love our library. 

Callie went to her 4-H club's first meeting of the year.  She got her 5-year pin.  She's looking at doing scrapbooking, creative writing and caged critters.  I'm planning to have her work on Electricity for Science and maybe some others too but we'll see.  She then went ice skating for the first time in a while.  She's limping around with raw feet tonight.  Hopefully she'll get back into the habit of going.  We are taking a year off from the ice show this year.  Between the costume and the practices, tee shirt, photos, etc. it really adds up.   

I hung out at Dollar Tree, Big Lots and Target while she skated.  I love Target Clearance sales.  I've been perusing their toy clearance since Christmas and they are now in their final - drop-the-prices-drastically stage  to get the stuff off the shelves.  I got some early Christmas/Birthday gifts. 

The melting snow smells like spring outside.  It was a very nice day.  


Stacy said...

Joshua just got the NIV study Bible for Teens. His was coming apart.

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