Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It Continues

I read the Berenstain Bears book to the kids.  This worked for about two hours.  Instead of scheming and planning during that time, he started asking "Can I get a Nintendo DS when I am seven? eight?" 

Later in the day, being inspired by Big Bird from a book we read the other day, Sean decided yesterday to sell something to make money.  His first idea was lemonade.  He also thought about making warm tea and selling a cup to Daddy when he got home from work.  For $10. 

I have to get the Didj plan up and going soon.  I got an email from Toys R Us with some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that they will have free shipping on the ALL NEW NINTENDO DS!  If you pre-order one for when they come out in April.  What????  So, I clicked on the link and found that the new and improved Nintendo DS will be sporting a new and increased price of $169.99.  Yippee.  Don't you just hate video game companies?  Now, on the bright side, this probably means the current Nintendo DS stock will go on clearance and the price will be reduced significantly.  Maybe after he sells a few $10 cups of tea and coffee, Sean will be closer to his goal sooner than we think. 

The ironic thing about this is that a couple of years ago I sold a used Nintendo DS on eBay for a friend.  Her son did not play with it and I offered to sell it for her.  I actually did real well with it on eBay (almost $100) but probably would have gotten a great deal for us if I would have made her an offer.  Who knew that it would still be a hot item today?  Oh well. 

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