Thursday, March 08, 2012

Far Behind

I am a bit behind in posting.   To catch up, it might work best to work from present and move backward.   As a follow up to the fractured ankle, Sean wore a cast for 4 1/2 weeks and then wore a splint for 2 more weeks.  He could take it off to shower and sleep so he was good with that. 

Remember our water fiasco last fall?   I think we might be almost done with it, finally.  We have had the worst adjuster possible, I think.  I finally called our agent who wished we’d called sooner.  We did just have the restoration company back out this week to redo part of the bathroom.  It was a simple fix, thankfully.  According to the adjuster this morning, the check is in the mail for the receipts I turned in four weeks ago.  It was a simple task of comparing the cash value that they paid us with the receipts for the few things we replaced and then make a check.  Fortunately, I had put the numbers into a spreadsheet here at home because when his total was about $60.00 less than I calculated, I knew he was off.  Then he had a little trouble with a calculator.  Seriously?  A calculator?  Ok, whatever.  Anyway, we owe the thanks to our agent for getting a fire lit under him… or a foot put someplace is the phrase I think he used. 

Probably the sweetest thing to come out of the flood was this gorgeous computer armoire that I found on Craigslist.   Almost like new.  Great price – got it within our allowed replacement amount. Solid oak.  Was my husband ever pleased about that as soon as he saw it.  Notice the magnetic white boards on the doors – great bonus for us homeschoolers.



Here is a glimpse of our new carpet.


And our tile while still being installed.


And our new ceiling and ceiling fan.  These were taken before the rooms were finished.   And before they cleaned the drywall dust off the brick wall and hearth.



I do not have any pictures of the finished rooms yet.  Part of the reason is that I am still unpacking boxes and reorganizing.  And we still need to touch up the paint on the ceilings.

The restoration company sent us a nice Christmas card with a big magnet of their company.  I had to chuckle.  Do they really have customers who want to see their magnet every day to remind them of the situation in which they needed their services?  Needless to say, the magnet is not on the front our our refrigerator.  

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