Sunday, March 18, 2012

Example of a discussion with an Aspie teen with ADD.


Background:  Ongoing  discussion regarding sperm.  She is fascinated with biology but does not like talking about the “s” word. 


C:  “Mom, I saw a picture of them and they are tadpoles!  I told you!”

Me:  “They are not tadpoles.  Tadpoles turn into frogs.  Tadpoles grow and develop legs”

C:  “Babies do too!”

Me:  “Babies do not grow from sperm.  They grow from eggs that are fertilized by sperm.”

C: “Huh?  What do you mean?”

Me, wondering where she was during 5th and 6th grade sex education, “The egg gets fertilized by the sperm and then grows into a baby.  Just like with chickens.  If their eggs are fertilized, they don’t turn into chickens, they’re just eggs.” 

C:  “Chickens!  I want a chicken!”

Me:  “Sigh.  How did we end up talking about getting a chicken during a birds and bees conversation?” 

C:  “What do birds and beetles have to do with anything?”  

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