Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Excuse Me?

Read the following article.  This makes my eyeballs want to pop out.  I would love to be able to buy Nesquik and other Nestle products if they would get with the program here in the U.S.   They are not the only company making accomodations in Europe while still selling out the U.S. consumers.  We are led to believe that our country is one of great opportunities.  Unfortunately, these so-called opportunities are making us sick.  


Multinational companies have replaced most of the synthetic dyes
with natural colorings in the foods they sell in Europe. Now Nestle is
ditching the artificial flavorings and preservatives in their line of candies
sold in Britain. They have also removed artificial ingredients
from their Nesquik -- but they continue to use synthetic dyes and flavorings
in the products they sell to Americans!

Nestle's UK spokesman, David Rennie, explained the company's decision,
"Moms are very concerned about what their children are eating."
Mr. Rennie, please send a memo to your US counterpart; our
moms are concerned about our children, too!


Reprinted from Pure Facts, the newsletter
of the Feingold Association of
the United States, www.feingold.org.

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